FCG developed an end-to-end shipping inspection solution that satisfies corporate and regulatory requirements. We are proud to have been an attendee and invited speaker at an Agilent ECM User Group Meeting, where this was first presented.
A PDF version of the presentation is available on request. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the solution, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Business requirements

Achieve compliance by leveraging existing and new technology. Make it usable to the non-expert so that it can be used in a warehouse setting.

FCG Value-add

  • Integration with a sophisticated ECM/BPM platform with FCG's Virtual Appliance to deliver a solution usable to the non-expert.
  • Provide logic to achieve go / no-go decisions within a few minutes.
  • Provide automated alerts to facilities managers for exception handling.
  • Create automated broadcast notifications to Shipping, Sales, and QC departments with details on specific PO status.


This use case utilized the following platforms: Agilent OpenLAB® ECM v3.3.x / BPM v3.4.x; Adobe Acrobat®; a Motorola 2D scanner.

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We have made a more broadly available version that includes photo evidence and enhanced user administration. Review it here

  • Greater accessibility and flexibility via hybrid cloud deployment.
  • Photo evidence capture/review/search for greater defensibility against claims.
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