Enabling tablet connectivity to an ECM via a Virtual Appliance

Modern content management systems, whether specific to the analytical laboratory or used in general handling of electronic files, often involve the use and storage of Adobe® PDF files.
Some of the content produced for CMS (Content Management System) or ECM (Enterprise Content Management) entails completing forms that will ultimately be stored in PDF format in the electronic repository.
Tablet devices provide a significant amount of productivity and convenience in enterprises of all sizes, however there are potential connectivity obstacles depending on the tablet operating system and direct interaction with the back-end CMS or ECM.
FCG has developed a solution that bridges this gap. 
The scenario demonstrated in the video below involves connectivity between an Android tablet and Agilent's OpenLAB® ECM, but could be applied to other scenarios involving CMS, ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook), SDMS (Scientific Data Management System), or in-house solutions.
Users simply fill out web forms on their tablet and find their completed PDF documents in the content manager. If you have the OpenLAB® content manager users can potentially benefit from the following:
  • Automated transfer of the PDF to the correct folder in the ECM repository
  • Automated notification of key users via e-mail
  • Automated extraction of searchable metadata
  • Further process automation via the optional BPM (Business Process Manager)
Users are no longer bound to a desktop PC or even semi portable laptop. They take advantage of their highly portable tablet and are able to fill out online forms, respond immediately to a required inspection or customer situation, and find the resulting document in PDF format in their in-house Content Manager or OpenLAB® ECM repository.
This case study utilizes the following platforms: OpenLAB® ECM v3.3.x / BPM v3.4.x; a tablet running Android v3.21

OpenLAB® is a trademark of Agilent Technologies, Inc.