FCG's extensive experience in product marketing and development benefits both technology companies and end-users.
Several companies have worked with FCG to develop material to promote their products or services or to develop solutions to automate their business workflows.
A few examples are included below.

We team with companies that need to augment their existing support for core product or have niche requirements that need to be addressed in a short period of time.

Our tutorials, geared for specific audiences, represent FCG's philosophy of providing brief, targeted information, delivered when and wherever it is needed. This approach assures the greatest impact in conveying your message.  Our familiarity with LMS (Learning Management Systems) enables organizing entire training projects in a well structured environment.

Review some examples here.

Petrochemical instrumentation company
Instructional videos for a global petrochemical instrumentation company
EU CDS company
Distributor e-Learning portfolio for a CDS company
OpenLABĀ® Product Launch CD
Technical content for Lab Informatics product launch

Our focus on business requirements and usability enables FCG to provide productivity and efficiency to end users by offering:

  • Business process automation solutions
  • Connectivity between platforms and data silos
  • Flexible deployment options through virtualization
  • Stand-alone or LMS based e-learning (Learning Management System)

Review some example solutions, case studies and use-case scenarios.

untethered ecm
Enabling tablet connectivity to an ECM via a Virtual Appliance
logistics inspections
Verification and Compliance in a Flavors and Fragrances Facility
calorific value report
Concise Calorific Value Reporting Using an Intelligent Reporting Engine
supply chain
Adding Defensibility to Supply Chain Management Certificates