FCG is a professional services company with over 2 decades of experience delivering informatics, laboratory, and business solutions.
We are dedicated to providing effective and practical technology solutions by:
  • Working with end-users to maximize their technology investment though solution development and targeted e-Learning.
  • Working with technology vendors to maximize their impact through solutions-focused marketing and product knowledge.

Benefits to vendors

  • Customer retention / satisfaction.
  • Sales and revenue enablement.
  • Customer & application support.
  • Integrated solutions development and testing.
  • Focus on impactful use-case scenarios, proof and collateral development, on-demand e-Learning.

Benefits to end-users

  • Maximize current investment via comparison of available technologies and feasibility test development.
  • Effective communication and support of end-users.
  • Commitment to comprehensive support of not only FCG solutions, but also 3rd party platforms used to enable final solution.
  • Development of, or contribution to, end-to-end solutions - from business requirements to testing and training as illustrated below:
FCG Process